“Our lungs” Gunnison, Colorado

You can now order directly from our new website! Go to Galleries- choose a gallery to view, choose and click on the image that you like. You should see a little shopping cart down at the bottom…click on that to view sizes and prices. Your order comes directly to us right here at the gallery in Gunnison, CO where all printing is done in-house so that we can ensure the quality right to the end.

“Perhaps we are connected by consciousness as we are by the air that we all breathe. The air we inhale through the holes in our faces which tumbles into our lungs, and our blood, which travels through our hearts, which forms the words we speak, the air we exhale, which is connected to all air, an unspoken entity, like all the water in all the rivers in the world, leading to the sea, touching one another.”~ Russell Brand:”Revolution”

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